NCI was established in 1997 according to Decision No. 1847/GP dated February 2nd, 1997 with total investment capital of 2,850,000 USD. Company’s head office is located at Lot 4, Noi Bai Industrial Zone, Quang Tien Commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi City, Viet Nam.

Company has officially been coming into operation since March 1998.

We aim at the best technology from Japan, we have tried for variety of applications and use to make us constantly improve, take advantage in development to provide excellent product performance.

Our modern machines and equipment with advanced technology imported from Japan are very high operational stability allow us working for extreme precision & technical.

We have an experienced and delicated personel who can provide excellent performance from design work to the development of final process..

NCI (VIET NAM) specializes in producing, processing, cutting, assemble, conducting technical processing and finish of decal products for automobiles, motorbikes, goods banners, brand name poster and other similar products.

Our products obtain beautiful appearances, various designs, high durability that bear all extreme weather conditions because we have carefully selected the input materials and used modern machine and equipment with advanced technology. We moreover provide the product design services as per customer’s request.