NCIVN Purchased Plot No. 86A, Noi Bai Industrial Zone

The joining in WTO has brought back the opportunity for Vietnam to integrate deeply into the world economy. The growth of foreign investment into Vietnam increases annually, accompanied by a large number of FDI companies to be establish and go into operation. To date, the limited scale, including area of …

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Startup second factory of NCIVN

From the beginning, with the potential resources of skilled workforce, diversified and abundant product designs, and our reputation in product quality, production management and quality control, NCI (VIET NAM) has created a good relationship with the customers with the evidence of the increasing number of orders annually. The limited area …

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Expansion of Investment capital

In recent years, thanks to the efforts of the Government of Vietnam in improving the investment environment and accelerating the process of integration into the world’s economy, Vietnam’s economy is growing in at relatively stable rate. On these favorable factors, Vietnam is now attracting more and more foreign investors to …

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