NCIVN Purchased Plot No. 86A, Noi Bai Industrial Zone

The joining in WTO has brought back the opportunity for Vietnam to integrate deeply into the world economy. The growth of foreign investment into Vietnam increases annually, accompanied by a large number of FDI companies to be establish and go into operation.

To date, the limited scale, including area of 9550 m2 for factory and office at Plot 4 and area of 5560m2 for separate warehouse at Plot 85, only meets our demand on warehouse and storing yards. From 1997 to now, NCI has developed its production with the scale of machine and labor increased by more than 5 times, but the area in Plot 4 cannot expand due to the shortage of the available land. We have faced difficulties when the area for machines, devices, and employees is too narrow. The machines and devices cannot operate at full capacity, leads to the status of excess of capacity but shortage of products. This is an obstacle to the stable operation of our company.

To fulfill that urgent need, NCI decided to construct the new factory at Plot 86A – Noi Bai Industrial Park. This new area is so close to our current location at Plot 4, that is extremely convenient to expand the current departments to satisfy the urgent needs of NCI.