Opening ceremony of the 3rd factory of NCI (Vietnam)

Since established of the company in 27/02/1997, have been through 23 years of development,our company has built our own reputation and confirmed the vital position, takes big part of the market share of providing screen printing stickers and 3D stickers. Besides, We also supply “Retroreflective Sheetings” used for traffic signs.

Opening ceremony for 3 rd factory project of NCI (Vietnam)

To be able to adapt with the growth of the company as well as the rise of orders, our company has completed and put the 3rd factory at Lot 86A into operation at Lot 86A, Noi Bai industrial Zone in the area of 7000 meters square.

We do believe that, with our methodical strategies of investment, focusing on the safe of production environment, advanced technologies.Our products with outstanding quality and materials will be able to response all of the strictly requirements of the clients as well as remain the position as the largest supplier in Decals & stickers field in Viet Nam.