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To enhance the spiritual life of employees, NCI (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. organized the Summer Trip 2024 program in May 2024. The program included famous tours: Da Nang (4 days 3 nights), Quang Hanh – Quang Ninh (1 day), and Sun World Ha Long (1 day).

This is an annual activity to bring joy and relaxation moments after hard working days, in response to efforts of all employees in the past year. The program has also contributed to strengthening solidarity and the working spirit within the company, aiming for sustainable and stronger development.

These trips are not only relaxing but also help employees to enhance the spirit of solidarity and create cohesion among employees. It is also an opportunity of the company showing the concern and deep gratitude for the contributions of the employees.

Hopefully, after the trip, everyone will return to work with a cheer spirit, new energy, and higher solidarity, achieve a lot of success together in the future.

NCI (Vietnam)

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