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Along with WTO accession is an opportunity for Vietnam’s economy to integrate deeply with the world economy. The growth rate of Vietnam’s foreign capital increases every year, leading to a large number of FDI enterprises being established and put into operation.

Up to now, with limited scale, including 9550 m2 of factory and office space in Lot 4 and 5560m2 for private warehouse at Lot 85, it has only met our needs for warehousing. From 1997 until now, NCI has developed production with the scale of machines and labor increased 5 times. But at Lot 4 cannot expand due to shortage of available land. We have faced difficulties when the area for machines, equipment and people is too narrow. Machines and equipment cannot operate at full capacity, leading to excess capacity but lack of products. This is an obstacle to the stable operation of our company.

To meet that urgent need, NCI decided to buy a new plot of land at Lot 86A – Noi Bai Industrial Park. This new area is very close to our current location in Lot 4, which is very advantageous to expand the existing departments to meet the urgent needs of NCI.

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